The differences between an online and on-campus MMME program

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Going back to school for a Master of Music in music education is an exciting, sometimes overwhelming, decision, with many factors to consider. Deciding which program — and in what format — is best for you can be difficult, but understanding the benefits of different options can help make the decision easier.

The academic rigor and professorial support in online programs can be as great as on-campus programs, each has its own advantages. For professionals and current educators who are looking for the latest methods in music training and education without sacrificing full-time work, an online MMME might be the perfect degree. Kent State University offers a top-tier online Master of Music in music education program for interested K-12 music educators. We’ll explore the online learning format for a Master of Music in music education by answering some questions you may have.

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How do online programs differ from on-campus courses?

While many students worry that an online education will deliver less academic rigor and support, that’s not the case with Kent State’s master’s programs. Students will be required to take classes on music history, theory and practice. You can also learn about innovative tools to bring to your music classroom, like music notation software and smartboard technologies that can enhance your current and future teaching practices. You’ll be expected to complete assignments and quizzes by a specific deadline date/time and will be evaluated by professors like any traditional classes.

Professors are also available for counseling and general support as often as they would be with traditional classes, and their recorded lectures highlight the passion and drive they share every day with students in the classroom. Pursuing an MMME online at Kent State gives you the option to focus on general music, instrumental or choral. No matter what the emphasis, each class focuses on real-world applications, preparing you for a future in music education.

What benefits does the online program offer?

You may be wondering what the benefits of an online program are over traditional programs.

Most of the benefit comes from the flexibility in time management. Online classes are especially useful for self-motivated, driven graduate students who have great time management skills. The online learning format allows you to plan ahead and work on your course material as it suits you best in order to meet deadline, instead of having to attend classes at set times. This means you can spend your lunch breaks or evenings completing coursework as it works for you. If you need to catch up on grading tests or plan a new lesson plan, you can always finish online music classes and complete assignments on the weekend.

Because the program doesn’t require students to be on site, your classmates may be attending classes from all over the country. The different perspectives brought to the classroom can enhance the learning experience.

Studying online may also allow you to save on transportation costs, giving you a savings opportunity that in-person classes don’t offer.

Does Kent State offer any resources for its online students?

Online students may worry that they’ll have less peer and professor interaction, which can affect their studies. At Kent State University, we’ve built a network to support online students on the path to success. You will have access to:

  • Student support coach who helps provide tips and advice on time management, course registrations, and overall school/work/life balance
  • Professors for academic support and guidance
  • IT professionals for software and technology issues as you prepare for your studies
  • Other resources such as the writing center and library access as needed
  • Campus events and alumni network

Interested in learning more about the online MMME?

The online Master’s in music education at Kent State allows you to learn and practice new ideas, network with colleagues and earn a degree that can support your continued growth as you gain the experience, education and contacts to prepare for career advancement.

Deciding if an online track is right for you takes some thought, and there are many factors to consider before choosing. Be sure to factor in your personal life, schedule flexibility, and even your personality and past success in school before making the decision.

Once you know that online music programs are the right path for you, Kent State will be there with a full system of support, from engaging professors to tools to help you learn and grow during your program. With online study groups, networking events and professors just an email away, you can have the resources you need to finish your studies and earn your degree. Contact Kent State University today for more information.

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