Shannon Ward-Leighton

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Shannon Ward-Leighton (Massachusetts)
Class of 2017
Topical Literature Review

Social Justice in Choral Music Education
Shannon was inspired to explore social, political and cultural barriers students may encounter when pursuing choral music education.


Through an analysis of literature on the topic, Shannon used her capstone project to write about choral music education from a social justice standpoint, including analyzing recent efforts to incorporate social justice lessons on topics like diversity and multicultural issues into music education curricula.

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How did your faculty mentor help you complete this project?
“I would create a Google doc, and I kind of was keeping notes and writing down ideas. When [Susan, my advisor] had a moment, I’d just shoot her a quick text and say, ‘Hey, can you please check out my notes?’ I really did lean on her quite a bit to review some of my questions and to give me honest feedback. …

“She was a really great fit for helping me stay encouraged when I felt stuck, texting and calling back and forth, checking in, but also on a more personal level making sure the process was going OK. If extra help was needed, I knew that at least my advisor was there. Any time I texted or called, she got back to me and helped me out.”

Listen to Shannon’s full presentation here.


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