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Those who choose to pursue an interest in music education can open up a multitude of career opportunities. Whether teaching general, choral or instrumental music, educators can share their passion for song, rhythm and harmony while inspiring the younger generation to lead their own musical journey.

Going back to school to earn your Master of Music in music education is ideal for those who want to bring new levels of depth into their music curriculum and introduce new concepts and technologies into their classrooms. However, the endeavor can be difficult for those who already hold a teaching position and cannot step back from full-time obligations. That’s where online learning comes into play, offering a simpler and seamless option for working adults to earn a master’s degree in music education.
If you’re interested in going back to school but don’t want to take the traditional route, consider the following reasons to pursue your online Master of Music in music education at Kent State:


Learning at your own pace

Some students may hold back from pursuing a master’s degree because the traditional classroom doesn’t provide an opportunity to learn at their own pace. With online learning, it’s the opposite. Students enroll in classes and then make their own schedule, taking care of coursework on their own time. To graduate, students must complete 10 courses consisting of 31 credits. This program can be completed in as few as 23 months but can go beyond for students who want to learn at their own pace. This option makes it easier for students to continue working, pursue other musical passions and ensure they’re making time for family obligations.


Working full time while going to school

For many people, the idea of going back to school sounds more stressful than satisfying. It adds another layer to an already busy schedule that’s consumed by work, family, friends and hobbies. At Kent State, our program provides the flexibility to accommodate demanding schedules and satisfy diverse professional needs based on its 100 percent online format. That means working professionals can sustain their current position while advancing their education at the same time.


More individualized learning

Traditional classroom learning provides a standardized way of acquiring information. With online learning, students can pursue education that’s more individualized and personal. Since the curriculum is dual-focused, students are encouraged to pursue a specialty in general, choral or instrumental music for a truly personalized learning experience. Additionally, At Kent State, students have the opportunity to reach out to professors and discuss their education through a digital interface. This makes it simple for students to talk to educators about areas in which they are struggling or excelling, which can help them achieve more individualized learning.


Additionally, at Kent State, students have access to digital tools, freeware and apps that can keep them engaged from the comfort of their own homes. The music education programs can teach students about trending technologies that can be used to connect with students in new ways and accommodate diverse learning styles. No matter your comfort level with technology, Kent State provides education material and access to hardware and software based on the technology available in your district. Some of the innovative tools offering individualized learning in the program  may include:

  • Music notation software: MuseScore and Noteflight
  • Musical instrument digital interface (MIDI)
  • Web-based lessons: Webquests
  • Smartboard technologies
  • Music instruction software: Music Ace
  • Digital audio and recording software: Audacity
  • Video sharing: YouTube
  • Mobile technologies: iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • Smartmusic
  • Apple GarageBand, Logic, Pro Tools


Pursuing your online degree at Kent State

Students looking for individualized learning at a convenient pace should consider the Kent State Master of Music in music education program. We offer a dual-focused curriculum, which allows you to customize your coursework in general, choral and instrumental music. Are you interested in pursuing this program? Visit or call 1-888-989-7072 to speak with an enrollment advisor today.


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