Bonnie McSpadden

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Bonnie McSpadden (Texas)
Class of 2017
Program Design

When designing a program for her capstone, Bonnie chose to analyze the Music Instructional Methods Book Analysis Process (MIMBAP), a tool used to assist music teachers in integrating children’s books into music instruction.


Backed by pedagogical evidence, Bonnie explored the relationship between language literacy and music literacy while showing the mutual effectiveness of incorporating both into a music program design. She created the digital tool:

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How did Kent State’s online MMME program help you decide on a capstone project?
“I really did have a hard time deciding what to do for my capstone, because each time I would take a course, I was absolutely, completely interested in what I was learning. I think that speaks to the quality of the courses: They were very compelling, and I felt like I could have created a capstone around each of the courses.

“In my first class, the foundations class, which is the one that everybody starts with, I did a paper for my e-portfolio where I talked about professional development in online learning communities for music teachers. And throughout the entire journey of thinking about what I could do for my capstone project, it was kind of in the back of my mind.

“I’ve been an elementary music teacher for a long time, and as part of that journey, I’ve spent a lot of time using children’s literature in my instruction. So I began to get very curious about what that would look like. That’s kind of where my project firmed up and took shape.”

Listen to Bonnie’s full presentation here.


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