6 Tips for Music Recruitment

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6 Tips for Music Recruitment

Whether it’s starting a new class or low enrollment, there may be times where music teachers need to expand their music class or school band. If this ever happens to you, there are easy ways to help recruit students – here are a few of our favorites!

Planning is an important aspect of having an effective recruitment strategy. Some questions to consider while planning include:

  • How many students are needed?
  • What is the best way to attract student attention?
  • What has worked in the past?
  • What are some back-up plans for if the initial outreach isn’t as effective?

Music Recruitment

Once objective has been established and answers to the above are ready, some tactics to support the overall goal might include:

Have a Recruitment Presentation

Aside from performances, recruitment presentations are another great strategy to attract attention to your music class or school band. When presenting, be sure to be charismatic, exciting and interesting!

Present a Highlight Clip for any occasion

One of the most common questions that a student may ask about school band is, “What is it like?” And there is no better way to answer this question than to show a highlight video. Things to include in the video may be past performances, clips from band trips or while having fun in class. This way potential students can get a good idea of how fun and interesting classes are.

Live Instrument Demonstration Session

Talking about music can be fun, but the real thrill comes when trying out an instrument for the first time. Music teachers that are looking to attract students may wish to allow students to demonstrate a number of different instruments to see what fits. This strategy has proven to be effective in the past, as students often claim to be uninterested till they play a note on a brand new instrument!

Public Performance

Be it a public performance, an assembly or a brief music segment during morning announcements, play something fun like a recent pop song. Give students the option to choose what songs and artists they perform can be a great way to attract new students. In fact, some school bands have an entire spring concert that focuses on performing popular songs. When considering suggestions, don’t be afraid to get creative and trying something new – even the heaviest rock songs can be transformed into melodic choir or band performances! Either way, make sure that all of the students in the band or choir are having a good time as well. Get creative!

Send Home Info

Another great way to keep kids interested is to send home a packet of information for students and their parents. These packets can include highlights of the class, details on instruments, potential curriculum and/or song choice and even information on the numerous benefits of learning an instrument.

Create a Facebook Page

In an era where almost everyone has a Facebook account, creating a Facebook page has become a great resource for attracting and maintaining excitement for a school’s music program. The opportunities provided by a Facebook page are almost endless, as teachers can upload curriculum, photos or videos of performances, post about artists that they enjoy and even keep students and parents updated on the ongoing of the music program. Other social media channels worth considering include YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Whichever tactic you decide to purpose, remember to provide an opportunity to collect contact info so that you can follow up with students that showed up to the live section or seen a flyer. Be sure to keep it pretty easy – simply a name, number or email will do. After obtaining all of the information, send a quick email thanking them for attending the presentation or visiting the Facebook page, then let them know that you will follow up a week later.

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