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Using Music to Close the Education Gap

The United States is faced with a growing problem in education – the gap between US student’s baseline proficiency compared to students in other countries. Why is that? Are students here not being taught the core standards of learning? Are they not learning ‘how to learn?’ How can this gap be fixed, especially with the increasing price of education? Many now believe that this education gap can be partially reduced by an increase of the arts, and specifically music into student’s curriculum.

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Evolving Technology in Music Education

Musical education has evolved well past the days of singing along as a teacher plays the piano. Today, psychologists understand that strong links between the mind’s processing of information and the processing of music exist. As such, it can be possible to boost your memory creation and information retention just by playing music.

Facts And Stats

The inclination of people polled is accurate in many instances: a high school student in a music class will have a better GPA than one who is not in a music class. The Netherlands, Japan, and Hungary are three nations that excel at education — each country has music training at the earliest levels of education. Even in the United States, some of the schools with the highest levels of achievement spend as much as thirty percent of the school in coursework that emphasizes art and music.

Factors Influencing Music Teacher Retention

Factors Influencing Music Teacher Retention Student enrollment is up in our school systems and with it the demand for teachers has grown.  In fact, teaching has become one of the largest career fields in the United States.  However, our country seems to be struggling to hold on to educators beyond their first five years after entering […]


Teacher Evaluation: HB 362

Teacher Evaluation: HB 362 On June 3, 2014, Ohio legislature passed Ohio Substitute House Bill 362. This bill redefined the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System for the previous and upcoming school years. Upon its passage, HB 362 affected the OTES in two ways: It rewarded exceptional teachers with less frequent evaluations while still giving them notes […]


Why is It Important to Teach Literacy Through Music in Your Classroom?

Why is It Important to Teach Literacy Through Music in Your Classroom? Language literacy is arguably the most important skill a child will acquire during preschool and elementary school years. Comprehending concepts taught in social studies and sciences, or even understanding a word problem in math class, all depend on reading fluency. Unfortunately, in the […]